Updated : January 12, 2023

André Bougie (President) 


Making sports activities accessible to athletes with physical limitations, André Bougie has been dedicated to this for over 15 years! President of Juni-Sport since 2004, the only organization dedicated exclusively to powerchair soccer on the island of Montreal, he is a protagonist of the development of this sport. Indeed, thanks to its valuable contribution, powerchair soccer, dedicated only to people using motorized wheelchairs, has been buzzing. Mr. Bougie is involved at all levels, including coordination of training sites and programming, fundraising, and volunteer management. Determined to improve the visibility of this sport, despite the difficult access to adapted sports facilities, he managed to create a competitive team. Indeed, recognized as a go-getter, inclusive and dedicated, he brought his Juni-Sport Elite team to join the Northeast Power Soccer League, the league on the US East Coast. Thus, close to forty players, parents and personal attendants now participate in tournaments in Quebec and the United States. A real source of inspiration, André Bougie is probably one of the artisans working for a better world! 


Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec 

Dollard-Morin Sports and Recreation Volunteer Award 2019
Regional winner:  Montreal 

Programme Souvenir 2019 (French Only)